Cancellation Policy:There will be a charge of $150.00 for all reservations canceled.
Prime summer season vacations—For reservations with an arrival date between Memorial Day (in May) and Labor Day (in September) we require a 90 day cancellation notice in order to receive a refund of guest’s monies paid less the $150 cancellation fee.
Reservations longer than one week will be charged a cancellation fee of $150.00 per week.
Off season vacations—For reservations with an arrival date between Labor Day (in September)and Memorial Day (in May of the following year), we require a 30 day cancellation notice in order to receive a refund of guest’s monies paid less the $150 cancellation fee.

Pets: Tenants renting through Visit Up North Vacation Rentals may only bring pets to properties that allow them and you must make arrangements with Visit Up North Vacation Rentals. A non-refundable pet fee/damage waiver is charged (covers damages up to $250.00) if you bring a pet to one of our pet-friendly rentals. This fee is NOT quoted in your online price and is added manually by one of our reservationists when we convert your reservation in our office. The fee varies depending on length of stay. If a pet has been reported or found in your unit without our consent, you will be assessed a fine equaling half of the property’s rental cost and immediate removal of the pet is required. Also if a pet is not removed from the unit immediately, your vacation will be terminated and you must leave. If the owner of the property requires additional cleaning of the furniture or carpets, you will be charged for this as well.

Occupancy: The amount of people that a unit will accommodate is listed. Overcrowding is not permitted under any circumstances. Additional “lodging” such as campers or tents are not permitted at any of our rentals.

Air Conditioning: Unless specifically noted, our units DO NOT have air conditioning.

Housekeeping: Your unit will be clean prior to arrival and we will clean upon departure. You will receive one set of towels for each guest your unit will accommodate. No daily maid service is provided unless you specify before you arrive that you would like extra housekeeping or towels and you will be assessed an additional fee. If there are any housekeeping issues with your unit when you check in please make us aware of them immediately, not at the end of the stay, so we can remedy the situation (no discounts will be given). Prior to your departure, please wash all dishes and leave the premises in a respectable order.

When You Depart: Prior to your departure, please wash all dishes, close windows, turn off fans and a/c (if applicable) and leave the premises in a respectable order. We also ask that used sheets are stripped and towels gathered and placed in one area..

Condominium, Cottage & Home Disclosure: Visit Up North Vacation Rentals, Inc. is a rental agent for condominiums, cottages, and homes that are independently owned. The nature of this relationship is that we cannot completely control the use of the accommodations we manage. Although problems are rarely encountered, we must reserve the right to change accommodations up to and including the day of arrival to the best of our ability.

Condominium Policy: When staying in the Homestead through Visit Up North Vacation Rentals, Inc., you have NO ACCESS TO HOMESTEAD AMENITIES. You may use the beach, but amenities such as pools, tennis courts, golf, etc. are off limits. If you need clarification of this policy, please ask upon calling.

Payment of Nights Reserved: The guest is responsible for payment of all nights reserved, regardless of the guest’s actual arrival or departure.

Entry of Premises: An authorized employee or repairman may enter the premises during customary business hours for any purpose connected with the repair, improvement, care and management of the premises.

Rental Rate: The standard rate displayed on each property’s main page on the web site is the Prime Summer Weekly Rent. Administrative fees and sales tax are also added to that cost prior to booking. Other seasons’ rates can be viewed by getting an online quote for the appropriate dates.

Check in and Check out: Check out is at 10:00am promptly; no additional time can be given in the months of July and August; those not out by 10:00am will be assessed $50.00. Check in is anytime after 4pm. During the shoulder season (not summer) exceptions can be made. Please contact us for further information. NO EXCEPTIONS IN EITHER JULY OR AUGUST. .